Revolut User Agreement

Revolut User Agreement: What You Need to Know

Revolut is a popular digital bank that offers affordable currency exchange and money transfer services to its customers. If you`re planning to sign up for a Revolut account, it`s important to familiarize yourself with the user agreement.

Here`s what you need to know about the Revolut user agreement:

1. Understanding the Basics

The user agreement is a legal contract that outlines the terms and conditions of using Revolut`s digital banking services. By signing up for an account, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

2. Language of the Agreement

The Revolut user agreement is written in English and can be accessed on their website. However, in case of any discrepancies or conflicts, the English version will take precedence over any translations.

3. Changes to the Agreement

Revolut reserves the right to make changes or updates to the user agreement at any time without prior notice. You should review the agreement periodically to stay informed about any changes that may affect you.

4. Personal Information

Revolut takes the privacy and protection of customer information seriously. Your personal information is collected, processed, and stored in accordance with their privacy policy. However, Revolut may be required to share your information with law enforcement or regulatory authorities under certain circumstances.

5. Use of Services

Revolut offers a range of banking services and products that you can access through their mobile app. By using their services, you agree to comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, including those related to financial transactions and anti-money laundering.

6. Fees and Charges

Revolut charges fees for certain services, such as currency exchange or ATM withdrawals. You should review their fee schedule before using any of their services to avoid any unexpected charges.

7. Liability

Revolut is not responsible for any losses, damages, or liabilities resulting from your use of their services. You are responsible for ensuring the security of your account and taking appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access.

In conclusion, understanding the Revolut user agreement is an important step in using their digital banking services. Make sure to read through the agreement carefully before signing up and regularly review it for any updates or changes.